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Sips & Tips…

Happy New Year and Happy Monday!

Welcome to 2017 and the beginning of a new year. A new year to start off right and get your small business or nonprofit geared up for the long haul. As a part of the new year, I am working with my business partner Jameka Whitten and JSW Media ( to bring you some practical content in a quick clip format.

Last Friday we introduced our “Sips & Tips” vlog. Sips & Tips are one minute videos that give you great business advice while we sip some great wine or cocktails. The vignettes are meant to be fun and informative. But not long enough to put  you to sleep. LOL

So check out the introductory video and then look out for new videos each Friday on Suite929 TV ( And please make sure to comment or send us questions/ideas for upcoming segments. We look forward to growing with you and creating content you can proud of!


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]



Habits and Rituals…

Good Morning All,

It’s June 1st and we are starting the second half of 2015! Can you believe it, it was just January 1st. LOL And here we are. Which also means that we have made it through 6 months of whatever life has thrown at you. The fact you are reading this says you are still here, your business is still here and you have the ability to make the next 6 months better than the first! So let’s get to it.

Habits and rituals are very important in the lives of very successful people. I can attest that I do a lot of the same things over and over each day to build routine and consistency. I even try to eat the same things for breakfast when I can. When I walk in the office, I do the same routine to get me started which includes prayer. Life can get busy and our head space can get noisy but having coordinated routines that get us in a mindful habit of positive preparation can be very useful.

So as we move into the second of half of the year, begin to think about the positive rituals, habits or routines you have. How can you build on them? How can you use them to propel you forward? How do your rituals turn life’s obstacles around? Do they have you focusing on the positive?

Life is about consistency. We all need it. We should want to seek it out. Productivity is seeped in doing things right each and every time. So manage your time and create positive habits that you can use which can maximize your time, talent and treasure.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle

Merging Our Youth with Arts and Culture Interview…

Good Morning All and Happy Friday!

One of my greatest passions is connecting youth and young adults with arts and culture in our community. Last night I had the honor and privilege to discuss that passion on internet radio with radio host Adrian Harper. If you have some time, listen to the interview via the link provided below!

Have an awesome Friday!


Keith Cradle

How to Build a Better Block by Jason Roberts

Show up! Give it a name. Set a date and publish it. Those are the tips from Jason Roberts as he delivers a very powerful Ted Talk on engagement and community development. Please take a look at the video and learn how one person can transform an entire community.


Keith Cradle

Coffee Talk w/ JSW Media…

Coffee Talk w/JSW

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

If you are in Charlotte and looking for small business advice without having a large budget, please come out to the first “Coffee Talk with JSW Media.” On Saturday, May 2nd @ 3pm, JSW Media [whom I am affiliated with for full disclosure] will sponsor a private opportunity to work with business/PR professionals on branding and brand development. You can purchase tickets and get more event details by clicking the link below.

Hope to see you out there!


Keith Cradle

Speed Dating…

Good Morning All,

Welcome to the weekend and I hope you are having a great start to your Friday. Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure to take part in a “speed dating” experience. And no, not the type of speed dating that would allow me to meet a life partner or potential wife but one that combined networking and the passing of information.

As some may know, I am currently involved with the Community Building Initiative’s Leaders Under 40 program. The program is designed to teach young leaders how to be better through community based experiences.  In our latest session, we spent 2 hours meeting and talking with local business and community  leaders through “speed dating.” Now, while I have heard and read about “speed dating” for individuals looking for a mate, I never participated in one and not even one for business purposes. So my first foray was actually pretty neat.

As I moved from station to station with my LU40 classmate Leila, I found the format to be just perfect. Just enough time [7 minutes] to ask a few questions, get feedback, exchange a business card and not have any awkward silences. I was able to meet many people I’ve heard about, such as Emily Zimmern, Micheal Smith and Bob Morgan, as well as connect with those I have met numerous times.

One the prevailing themes from those imparting words of advice to us was to find your passion.  All of the people speaking made it clear that passion for what you do will keep the drive to success alive.  You can work a meaningful job but if there is something else you are passionate about, you must uncover it and foster it.  Our communities need our ideas and our energy. We cannot remain on the sidelines and hide from our destiny to lead and help others.

I close with this, if you ever have the opportunity to network in a “speed dating” environment, do it. Meet all the people you can and take notes. The advice and time you spend will be invaluable.

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle