Art and Board of Director Engagement…


Happy Friday!

On Tuesday, December 6th, I had the honor and pleasure to discuss some of the things I am most passionate about in life and in Charlotte, NC. As part of the #discussclt podcast which is produced by Charlotte Magazine ( I was interviewed by Andy Smith and Andy Goh [The 2 Andy’s as I called them!) about my art and board of director involvement along with how others can get involved.

Take time to listen to the podcast and let me know what you think!

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle (@mrcradle on IG/Twitter)

Art Engagement…

Happy Thursday All!

One of the things I am really passionate about is art engagement and arts education. Having lived in NY and Charlotte, NC, I have seen what cultural arts brings to a city and how it enhances a community. I am blessed to be able to sit on the Boards of several arts/cultural institutions here in Charlotte.

During my tenure, I feel it is incumbent of me to provide education and opportunities for all to experience the art in our community. So I was humbled and honored when the Bechtler asked me to feature in their latest installments of membership drive videos. Take a look and listen to how I briefly discuss art places and art spaces as community zones and providing culture for all.


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]

JSW Coffee Talk Recap…

Good Day All!

I hope you are all having a Terrific Tuesday in the second week of August. Over the past weekend, JSW Media Group held a session of its Coffee Talk. JSW Owner Jameka and myself discussed effective team building and efficient meeting strategies. For those that were there in person and  tuned in online, we had an awesome time. For those that were not there here is a quick recap of what we shared:


  1. A plan is power: make sure you have clear goals and objectives for the team you wish build.
  2. Continuing education is key: teams are fluid, as they grow, they must consistently stay cutting edge and developed.
  3. Communicate, above else: teams are relationship based, and the best relationships have honest/transparent communication
  4. Growing involves grading: reflection for the team and self-help the team thrive.


  1. Have an agenda!
  2. Invite the necessary people
  3. Document the meeting
  4. Have a start and ending time
  5. Unless the meeting is virtual and requires technology, ban distractions such as phones, tablets, etc…

Starting or maintaining a nonprofit/small business is a lot of work. By following tried and true strategies that focus on success makes it a bit easier. Determine what size team you need based on your resources, scope and capacity. Make meetings fun and productive. And remember, JSW Media is here to help. Head to our webpage ( or find us on IG/FB/Twitter @jswmedia, so you can find out when the next installment of Coffee Talk will be.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]

Gala Time!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to continue working on your nonprofit or small business. I was fortunate enough to attend one of the best parties/fundraisers in Charlotte, NC on Friday, which happens to the Bechtler Museum’s Annual Gala. It’s an awesome time of music, silent auctions, ever-changing themes and a Who’s Who of Charlotte. If you have not made it out the previous 5 years, I suggest you add it to your 2017 list of gala’s to attend!

So, as the season of gala’s and fundraisers approaches us, please make note that development and efforts to cultivate donors and new audiences is key. One particular demographic to extend your efforts to are African-Americans. Here is a great article that sheds light on the subject and gives some valuable tips to help your engagement efforts.

Have an awesome Monday.


Keith Cradle (@mrcradle Twitter/IG)

Becoming the Greatest…

Happy February 1st! Happy Black History Month! And Happy Monday! Wow, January is over already and we are shifting into the second month of 2016. Black History Month is always a great time to reflect on past accomplishments African American’s made to the history of our country. African American’s have been very instrumental in the development and advancement of commerce, business and growth in the United States since its inception.

So while we must remember, we must always never forget the shoulders of those we stand on as we continue to progress.  One set of broad shoulders we stand on are Muhammad Ali’s or the fighter formerly known as Cassius Clay. I had the pleasure of traveling to Louisville, KY this past weekend which happens to be the birthplace and hometown of The Champ. In fact, Louisville is home to two other great institutions that claim to be the greatest in regards to their specific sports: Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby [the Run for the Roses] and Louisville Slugger [some of the best bats made for Major League Baseball].

I had the chance to tour all three with of course the Muhammad Ali Center standing out because of who it was for. We call him the Champ or simply, “The Greatest.” But to become “The Greatest”, he had to endure a lot and overcome so many obstacles. Loved for his witty banter, charming personality and work ethic, during the Vietnam War he was vilified for not wanting to participate in the draft. He went from Champ to stripped of his titles. However, once he was restored back into professional boxing, he went on to reclaim his title in the ring and in our hearts as “The Greatest.” Ups. Downs. Up again. “The Greatest.”

Just like Ali, we have dreams of being great too. One of the reasons you’ve started your small business or nonprofit is so you can be great. You did not start this endeavor to be average. So how do you get from good to great? You have to work. And work hard. You have to endure through the bad times and expect to take a few hits. To be great, you must motivate yourself through the down times. But also motivating yourself through the good times.

Ali lost 5 times during his career. We do not remember the losses when we tout and call him “The Greatest.” No one will remember your losses either. What they will remember is how many times you got up off the mat and kept fighting. Think about where your business model is and are you fighting hard enough for it. Are you doing everything you can, each day to move from good to great? If not, you’ve got some work to do. If you need help with your journey, please contact us @ JSW Media (

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Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]

Habits and Rituals…

Good Morning All,

It’s June 1st and we are starting the second half of 2015! Can you believe it, it was just January 1st. LOL And here we are. Which also means that we have made it through 6 months of whatever life has thrown at you. The fact you are reading this says you are still here, your business is still here and you have the ability to make the next 6 months better than the first! So let’s get to it.

Habits and rituals are very important in the lives of very successful people. I can attest that I do a lot of the same things over and over each day to build routine and consistency. I even try to eat the same things for breakfast when I can. When I walk in the office, I do the same routine to get me started which includes prayer. Life can get busy and our head space can get noisy but having coordinated routines that get us in a mindful habit of positive preparation can be very useful.

So as we move into the second of half of the year, begin to think about the positive rituals, habits or routines you have. How can you build on them? How can you use them to propel you forward? How do your rituals turn life’s obstacles around? Do they have you focusing on the positive?

Life is about consistency. We all need it. We should want to seek it out. Productivity is seeped in doing things right each and every time. So manage your time and create positive habits that you can use which can maximize your time, talent and treasure.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle