JSW Coffee Talk Recap…

Good Day All!

I hope you are all having a Terrific Tuesday in the second week of August. Over the past weekend, JSW Media Group held a session of its Coffee Talk. JSW Owner Jameka and myself discussed effective team building and efficient meeting strategies. For those that were there in person and  tuned in online, we had an awesome time. For those that were not there here is a quick recap of what we shared:


  1. A plan is power: make sure you have clear goals and objectives for the team you wish build.
  2. Continuing education is key: teams are fluid, as they grow, they must consistently stay cutting edge and developed.
  3. Communicate, above else: teams are relationship based, and the best relationships have honest/transparent communication
  4. Growing involves grading: reflection for the team and self-help the team thrive.


  1. Have an agenda!
  2. Invite the necessary people
  3. Document the meeting
  4. Have a start and ending time
  5. Unless the meeting is virtual and requires technology, ban distractions such as phones, tablets, etc…

Starting or maintaining a nonprofit/small business is a lot of work. By following tried and true strategies that focus on success makes it a bit easier. Determine what size team you need based on your resources, scope and capacity. Make meetings fun and productive. And remember, JSW Media is here to help. Head to our webpage (www.jswmediagroup.com) or find us on IG/FB/Twitter @jswmedia, so you can find out when the next installment of Coffee Talk will be.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]


JSW Coffee Talk…



Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

Wow. It has been a month of Sundays since I have last written but it feels good to be back! And don’t call it a comeback…because we’ve been here for years. Working. Behind the scenes. Making sure our offerings and business model is sound.

Aside from me jumping back on the blog, we are back to hosting another one of our JSW Coffee Talks this month! If you recall, our Coffee Talk series are short business sessions that allow you to get personal with the Team and gather pointers/practical lessons for your small business or nonprofit for a small cost.

This month, we are discussing ways to build effective teams and have efficient meetings so you can grow and enhance your business. The link is copied below for tickets:



We look forward to seeing you and helping you with your business needs.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle –@mrcradle on IG/Twitter


It’s Never That Easy…

Businesses are created and nurtured over time.  It will come with a ton of lessons, failures, losses and ultimately triumphs. However, getting there and being in the process is hard work.  If it were easy to start a nonprofit or for profit business, everyone would be doing it. Yet, they are not and here you are. Ground tilled, seeds planted, watered and expecting a harvest. But not so fast…

The process and the experiences that will follow are life long lessons you can adhere to and pass along.  The challenges you will face as an owner can and will be brutal. Just know that you can make it. In my 20 years of teaching and consulting businesses, while I cannot say I have seen it all, I can say I have seen a lot. The truth of the matter is we will all experience what life has to offer but we must stay on the path.

With that said, I want to offer a few thoughts to keep you encouraged:

1.  The beginning will not be easy.— While everyone focuses on the end result, the steps to becoming fruitful will be hard. You will need to be patient, diligent and observant to the details. You will exercise a lot of faith and need a strong resolution to push through when you do not feel like it.

2.  You will not be able to control everything.— The hardest part for many of us is to let go and understand we cannot control everything. The only thing we can actually control is our reaction  to the things life will throw at us.You will need to trust advisors, employees and friends to help steer you in the right direction.

3.  You will have to learn to let somethings and people go.— Sacrifice will be your mantra. You will have to sacrifice things and people if you want the business to succeed.  Everyone will not be in your corner. Everything will not be worth the investment. Learn early who and what you can bring with you.

4.  No Risk. No Reward.— Starting a business is a risk/reward proposition. If you do not risk anything, you will not gain anything. Pretty simple. How much are you willing to risk?

5.  Before anything else, REINVEST in yourself.— Before anything else, you must give back to yourself and your new business. Take care of yourself so you are healthy enough to run the business. Take care of the finances so your business is healthy enough to run.

I hope this helps. If you need more guidance, please make sure to come out May 2 @ 3pm for JSW Media Coffee Talk. It will be an informative session where you hear from the experts on brand and business development. The link is listed below:


Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle (@mrcradle on IG/Twitter)