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JSW Media, Sips & Tips…

Are we are back! Sips & Tips Season 2 is here and we are ready to dispense some great information for your small business or nonprofit. Click the link and get started!


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]

Sips & Tips…

Happy New Year and Happy Monday!

Welcome to 2017 and the beginning of a new year. A new year to start off right and get your small business or nonprofit geared up for the long haul. As a part of the new year, I am working with my business partner Jameka Whitten and JSW Media ( to bring you some practical content in a quick clip format.

Last Friday we introduced our “Sips & Tips” vlog. Sips & Tips are one minute videos that give you great business advice while we sip some great wine or cocktails. The vignettes are meant to be fun and informative. But not long enough to put  you to sleep. LOL

So check out the introductory video and then look out for new videos each Friday on Suite929 TV ( And please make sure to comment or send us questions/ideas for upcoming segments. We look forward to growing with you and creating content you can proud of!


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]



Art and Board of Director Engagement…


Happy Friday!

On Tuesday, December 6th, I had the honor and pleasure to discuss some of the things I am most passionate about in life and in Charlotte, NC. As part of the #discussclt podcast which is produced by Charlotte Magazine ( I was interviewed by Andy Smith and Andy Goh [The 2 Andy’s as I called them!) about my art and board of director involvement along with how others can get involved.

Take time to listen to the podcast and let me know what you think!

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle (@mrcradle on IG/Twitter)

Relax. Relate. Release…

Hola! I pray all is well in your world. It’s been a while since I have been able to write given school, work and personal commitments. But the biggest thing has been my personal travels for vacation. 

In the last month, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel to Kansas City, Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Each trip was rewarding and different in its own right. But the main aspect of each trip was to relax, relate and release. That line comes from an episode of A Different World when Whitley Gilbert met with her therapist to discuss lowering stress and anxiety while living such a busy life. Hence the picture above. 

How many of us can relate to that? We are so busy and caught up in the everyday trials of life that we forget to relax, relate and release. The opportunity to put our bodies and minds at rest is crucial. We cannot expect to perform at high levels if our physical and mental health is not at its peak. The same goes for our businesses. We must learn when we are pushing to hard for things that are not beneficial or identify advantages. We must relate our personal experiences to our business experiences so we see the meaning in what we do. Finally, we must release the negativity and problematic from our business so we can flourish deservedly. 

Trust me, I know it’s not easy to relax in times of crisis or when invoices are due. However, a good business owner is a good steward of their wealth and health! You cannot run a business if you are not around to run it. So learn how to relax, relate and release! 

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle