A Winning Attitude…

Welp! The Carolina Panthers are heading to Superbowl 50. And living here in Charlotte, while I am not the most ardent fan of football, the excitement of the fans and winning ways of the team have provided many weeks of positive vibes. To the Panthers and Panther fans, I say…Flourish. Or, Dab on em. Or #keeppounding.

In the midst of all that winning, giving footballs away and dabbing on folk, there were plenty of life and business lessons embedded in there. One of those is a “Winning Attitude.” Each week, the team and it’s unquestionable leader Cam Newton took the field with positivity and a mind-state that said they will not lose. They constructed a wall of purpose and kept the negativity on the other side. When others said they couldn’t, they proved they could.

“Your attitude determines your altitude…” 

In business, as leaders or the owner have to project the same confidence and come with an attitude that says, I am here to win. Our staff, employees and clients feed off of our energy. So if we are negative and feel defeated, expect the same from them! We have to have an attitude that allows for us to soar and want to accomplish great things. The truth is, everything won’t be easy and you will have setbacks. However, your attitude can determine how fast and how well you bounce back from those setbacks. Creating a “can-do” mindset can ultimately be the deciding factor in making it past year one of your business or giving it all up.

The Carolina Panthers struggled for a few years prior to 2015-16. They went through a few quarterbacks as well. Fans even thought about selling their PSLs. Not a great feeling. But the young QB with the great attitude and winning smile has changed all that. He knew. His coach believed. His team hopped on. All because of attitude. A ‘Winning Attitude.” And now they are off to the Big Game.

Do you have the right attitude? Does it project confidence or calamity? Are people willing to follow you because of your attitude? Success has a few variables, and having a “Winning Attitude” is one of them. Need help with developing a winning mindset or business plan? Reach out to us at JSW Media and get started.

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]


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