Growth Requires Mentorship…

Tonight is the night for the big NCAA football championship game between Clemson and Alabama. The night should be packed with intense football, skillful plays and tons of commercials! However, I do not want to focus on the game as much as I want to focus on the coaches.  Before writing this post, I watched a short video featuring both coaches [Nick Saban & Dabo Swinney] and their thoughts on tonight’s matchup. While both had great insight on the sport and the game, it was their relationship with each other that stood out the most for me. Let me explain…

Dabo Swinney, coach for Clemson, is much younger than Nick Saban, the coach for Alabama. Both of them talked about the relationship they have with each other on and off the football field. In the offseason, they fish, vacation and play golf together. It is in these candid moments that Swinney admitted to being mentored by Saban. Saban has 4 championship trophies under his belt. Swinney is seeking his first. So Swinney knows where to find success and who to ask! Swinney understands that his success and growth as a coach is predicated on being mentored by those who have achieved the very same goals he is seeking after.

So the question is, as a nonprofit or small business owner, are you being mentored by those that have ascertained success in the same arena you are in? And the other very real question is, do you even have a mentor? With mentorship comes advice, wisdom, resources and growth. We cannot expect to be great overnight and not without sacrifice and hard-work. We also must learn and seek continual opportunities to educate ourselves on and about the business we say we are in.

If you do not have a mentor, I highly suggest you find one. If you do have one, do not waste valuable time by not using him/her and not scheduling monthly meetings to pick their brain. Swinney has been picking Saban’s brain for the last 7 years. And now in 2016, he’s coaching in a championship game. You do the math…

Have an awesome day and remember, JSW Media Group ( is here to help you with your business needs. Please feel free to reach out to us so we can develop a plan to help you.


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]



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