Organizational Culture…

Good Morning All and I hope/pray you are having an awesome Wednesday! We are in the third week of October, with Halloween right around the corner. Which will essentially means we have 2 more months left in 2015.  As we prepare to close out the year, the most recent blog posts have been about getting ready for 2016. So today, I want to continue that trend and make sure we are preparing correctly plus finding out if there is some retooling that needs to be done before January 1st, 2016.

Today, I want to touch on “Organizational Culture.” This concept is so important because it helps define what type of nonprofit you are or want to be. It also helps staff, volunteers, potential donors connect to the mission/vision of the organization.  Culture in society plays a huge role in crafting and keeping traditions.  And traditions are key for consistency, value creation and continued development.

Take a look at your agency or current employment assignment and try to determine what the “Organizational Culture” is. Is it one of empowerment? A culture that breeds gossip and deception? Or does it pass on positive traditions that invest people into the long-term goals?  The “Organizational Culture” that is created can speak volumes and determine possible successes and failures.

But alas, the “Organizational Culture” comes from those that are in charge. So if you are the Executive Director, Boss or Director, just know that it is a top down approach. If your staff is negative and back-biting, chances are they got that from you! And just the opposite. A leader that fosters positivity, openness and growth usually gets that back from those they employ or supervise.  So you have to ask yourself, who I am or who do I want to be as a leader?

“Organizational Culture” is one of the tabs that is hard to quantify but can easily be qualified. Word of mouth is powerful and you should pay attention to the things people say about your nonprofit/small business.  If you need help defining or understanding your organizations culture, please contact us at JSW Media Group so we can get you started on the right path!

Thank you for reading and have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle (@mrcradle on IG/Twitter)


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