3 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Business…

Good Morning All,

Happy Tuesday and I pray you are having an awesome day thus far.  As a person that has consulted and worked for small businesses/nonprofits for numerous years, I can most assuredly say things can get difficult even when you doing all of the right things.  Trusting in your business strategy, exercising leadership skills and having experience at times just doesn’t feel like enough.

In the midst of it all, we all need encouragement and must continue to take risks. Risks that are bold and continue to send a personal message to ourselves that we are taking the chance of a lifetime to fulfill a dream. With that said, here are three things you can do to maintain your self and your business!

1.  Continue to set and make goals: Your business needs goals that are practical, meaningful and showcase successes. Goals show that we are moving in the right direction.

2.  Count everything as a win: We often times get lost in the big wins. But never discount the small wins. Small successes and little steps add up. Keep in the mind the old adage of how you eat an elephant…one bite at a time!

3.  Keep getting up after being knocked down: In life and in business, you will face failure and rejection.  It’s how you respond that tells the tale. Rejection simply means redirection!

Continue to push hard for the nonprofit or small business you want. It’s nothing more than taking the right steps. And seeking the right advice!

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle [@mrcradle on IG/Twitter]


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