Community Engagement…

Good Morning All,

July is rapidly upon us and that brings hot weather and cookouts [hopefully!]. But it also brings great opportunities to engage your community and the audience you serve with your nonprofit or business practices.  During the summer months, people are out and about which provides great chances to leverage PR, volunteering and fundraising.

Well, how can you do that? I am glad you asked. Here are three quick reference points that can help you get started and get on the road to effective community engagement.

1.  Understand and explore the local community values: You must have a firm grasp on the community you wish to engage. So that means identifying and assessing the values of the community.

2.  Using creative methods to increase community involvement: The people who live in the affected areas are your stakeholders. You need to engage them in ways they find interesting and encouraging.  Go beyond traditional methods and look for nontraditional methods!

3.  Before starting any long-term projects, get the community input: By engaging in any projects, get tons of feedback from the community. This way you know exactly what they will and won’t support. It’s called “community engagement” for a reason….LOL

Getting the community to come out and support short or long-term takes time and dedication. So find ways to engage and encourage. You will find that all ideas are not good ideas but you won’t know until you try! Every community, every neighborhood and every project is different.

Have an awesome summer!


Keith Cradle


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