Speed Dating…

Good Morning All,

Welcome to the weekend and I hope you are having a great start to your Friday. Yesterday, I had the extreme pleasure to take part in a “speed dating” experience. And no, not the type of speed dating that would allow me to meet a life partner or potential wife but one that combined networking and the passing of information.

As some may know, I am currently involved with the Community Building Initiative’s Leaders Under 40 program. The program is designed to teach young leaders how to be better through community based experiences.  In our latest session, we spent 2 hours meeting and talking with local business and community  leaders through “speed dating.” Now, while I have heard and read about “speed dating” for individuals looking for a mate, I never participated in one and not even one for business purposes. So my first foray was actually pretty neat.

As I moved from station to station with my LU40 classmate Leila, I found the format to be just perfect. Just enough time [7 minutes] to ask a few questions, get feedback, exchange a business card and not have any awkward silences. I was able to meet many people I’ve heard about, such as Emily Zimmern, Micheal Smith and Bob Morgan, as well as connect with those I have met numerous times.

One the prevailing themes from those imparting words of advice to us was to find your passion.  All of the people speaking made it clear that passion for what you do will keep the drive to success alive.  You can work a meaningful job but if there is something else you are passionate about, you must uncover it and foster it.  Our communities need our ideas and our energy. We cannot remain on the sidelines and hide from our destiny to lead and help others.

I close with this, if you ever have the opportunity to network in a “speed dating” environment, do it. Meet all the people you can and take notes. The advice and time you spend will be invaluable.

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle


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