10 Things Successful People Do Before Going to Sleep

Such a great article! Make sure you read it and try to incorporate some of the tips in your life.
Keith Cradle


Everyone is obsessed with how successful people start their day. And if you’ve decided to do something about the quality of your life, you’ll start working on developing a morning routine and trying different versions of it.

But we seem to have forgotten that what productive people — those who work each day to achieve what they want and who have hacked so many areas of their lives — do before they go to bed is just as important.

The evening routine is one of the most underestimated habits, and yet it’s an absolute must when it comes down to changing how your day goes and whether you want to get stuff done.

A nighttime ritual affects your sleep and the mood you’ll be in when you get up, and thus becomes the foundation of your whole day.

It’s a wind down period, and there are many things you can…

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