The Cycle of Leadership…

Good Afternoon All,

I hope you had a great weekend and if you are up north, I pray you are inside, safe and have enough provisions to last while the storm passes over. Over the last few days, I got my hands on a book excerpt written by Noel M. Tichy entitled “The Cycle of Leadership.”

The portion that I read outlines four vital but basic blocks of foundation that all leaders must have. These core blocks create what Tichy calls “A Teachable Point of View.” It is this TPOV that allows a great leader to pass down ideas, concepts and the vision to staff or employees.  Tichy (2006), lets the reader know that leading is not the same as commanding.  It is more teaching and getting others to understand. Opening their eyes to see things they normally would not have but also setting higher/attainable goals.

The four core elements of TPOV are as follows:


Tichy (2006) spells out what they all mean to each other and how they tie into leadership so I won’t lay it out for you. I implore you to get the book or find the passage. Do the reading for yourself. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

As directors, managers, supervisors or core employees, we all need leadership skills. It is a great trait that can be developed or innate. But we all must lead!

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle


Tichy, N. (2006). You Must Start with a Teachable Point of View. In The Cycle of Leadership: How Great Leaders Teach Their Companies to Win (p. 73). New York, NY: HarperBusiness.


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