Health. And Wealth…

Good Afternoon and I hope you are having a great Tuesday! The time is just flying by and before you know it, it will be January 1st, 2015. The title of today’s post is pretty simple. Health. And Wealth. Many people, or should I dare to say, everyone wants to be wealthy. Nothing like having money without borders. LOL But without your health, the money is nothing.

I just had my last physical for the year. I go to see Dr. Wong every 6 months for check ups and general health. As I approach 40, there is nothing singularly more important than my health. And that health includes mental, spiritual, emotional and physical components.  Without my health, I would not have made it through this year and been able to do some of the amazing things I did. I was blessed to wake up each day in my right mind and the ability to get out of bed. These are things I do not take for granted.

So when I went to my physical today, I made sure I was on time and ready for my examination. Men, we need to take care of ourselves. Not only for personal reasons but also for our families and friends.  For my exam I was ready to listen but during and after my examination/physical, I asked questions. I value my relationship with Dr. Wong and I trust his feedback. So I wanted to make sure I asked the right questions regarding my health so if there were any adjustments I needed to make, I knew exactly what to do. Even in his questioning of me, I answered honestly and completely. Dr. Wong can’t treat me correctly if he doesn’t have all the necessary information.

So I make this public offering to the men out there. Take care of your physical health. Get check ups. Go see your doctor. Exercise. Eat right when you can. It’s a process but one that will lead you to ultimate wealth…

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle


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