Winning Right Now…by Talia N. Hill

Good Morning All and I pray you are all having a great start to your Thursday. Many of us left Wednesday with bad news about the non-indictment for the Eric Garner killing in NYC. In the coming days/weeks, there will be much said and a lot more written. In light of that, I wanted to share a piece from an awesome friend of mine Talia N. Hill. I am honored that she took me up on my asking her to write a piece for my blog. I was excited reading it last night and I know you will be too. So without further adieu…

“In our day to day, for some of us,  the vicissitudes of life seemingly compound more interest than the rate of return of the invested greater vision we have for ourselves. Is it that we still endure and won’t get over the hardship of facing the immediate reality that the reality of it all is that we are just not where we really hoped we’d be? Why is that? Whatever your response is, let me add to it. It’s simply time to get over it and do better. Carrying on in contentment, we have become satisfied with praising, reposting, and sharing goals and aspirations, but not procuring them. 2015 is amongst us and we cannot wait to play the “B” side of a familiar remix, “I will eat better, I will lose weight, or I will find love…” Ask yourself, what am I really waiting for? Do the champagne, fireworks, and countdown make it official? Tweetable even? Stop feeding the perpetual cycle and be brave enough to live in your better YOU, today. You, your biggest fan, should be positioning yourself DAILY to experience success wherever you stand.

Start here…

1. Utilize connections 2. Understand your finances 3. Get a mentor/role model 4. Expect to succeed 5. Manage your time 6. Accept the fact it’s ok to succeed. 7. Know what you want.

When you are finished with those basics, dare to win and be bold in your mission for your life’s achievements whatever they may be for you. Ask yourself…What am I doing differently in the game that makes me the difference? What sacrifices have I made in my life to make this happen for me? Do I understand the demands for the role that which I seek? What kind of social groups am I really spending the majority of my time in that may have an impact on my objective thinking? And do I spend a lot of time on the receiving end of productive conversation, or negative influence? All these components, and more, matter and effect.

Make. No. Take. Take the decision to increase your life. Take it. Take back the win you lost so many times because “stuff happens” had it’s way. Know who you are. Know where you are going. Secure your purpose. Have faith. Cause the reality of it all, honestly speaking, you can decide to start winning right now. No one else can define your position, play your role, or earn your rewards better than you. What’s for you is for you. Period.”

Thank you Talia for such poignant words. Truly an inspiration.

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle


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