December 1st…

Good morning and welcome to the start of a new month. The last month of the year. December. Hello.

As I sit at Laguardia waiting on my flight back to Charlotte (bumping a little Jay-Z) it kind of dawned on me that this year flew by. Not as quick as I imagined but I can look back through my day planner and remember meetings that I had in March. Adventures I took in June. And birthday parties I attended in October. So as I recollect on what a great year it has been, I’m also looking forward to what the next 31 days will bring.

That’s life. We live it to the best of our ability. Looking back. Living in the now. But planning for future. So with our lives as with our businesses, we need to be thinking and preparing for 2015. It’s almost here! Take the next few days to evaluate the strategic plan. Look at the budget. Assess the needs and a few wants. Now is the time. For tomorrow will come.

December 1st. Hello.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle


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