Minor Setbacks…

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

It’s the start to a new week and perhaps a short week for many as this is the week of Thanksgiving. With the holiday upon us, it’s always a great time to reflect, spend time with family/friends and find some much-needed respite after a long year. One of the things that makes the year-long is the reality of “minor setbacks” and our reaction to them.

For instance, I woke up this morning with every intention of leaving the house on time and getting to work well ahead of my appointed time. Well, when I went to pull the car out of the garage, I noticed I had a flat tire. Mind you, I was dressed for work, had my breakfast packed and was ready to beat the morning traffic [we all know how morning traffic just sucks]. Oh well, that was not meant to be. I was experiencing a “minor setback.” Something that wasn’t too deep or had the ability to change the entire course of my day or week. But just enough to push me back and readjust.

Well, I went back in the house, changed clothes and commenced to changing the tire and putting the spare on. My reaction to the whole situation was to just laugh a bit and whistle while I worked. It was a “minor setback” and my positive attitude carried the experience. It wasn’t like I wasn’t ever going to get it fixed. Or I wouldn’t make it too work later rather than sooner. The tire simply had a nail in it and I needed to put the spare on. Simple. No fuss. No muss.

Our attitude towards a lot things determines how we ultimately deal with those “minor setbacks.” They are tests for when the “major setbacks” come. We need to be diligent and positive in the small issues so we can handle the tougher times with grace and ease. My “minor setback” didn’t cause me any undo heartache or headache. It simply was and I handled it.

The same in life, will be the same in business. We need to know how to handle the “minor setbacks” on the job so we can prepare ourselves for the bigger issues that will come. Our experience and level of crisis management skill will be crucial when things go wrong. And trust me, they will go wrong. As managers, supervisors or directors we will need to lead our staff through calamity and crisis. How we handle it will be the story told. So take your time in handling the “minor setbacks.” Learn all you can about yourself in those moments. How well do I handle stress? How well do I exhibit leadership? Do people trust me to make wise decisions? The answers lie in how we handle the “minor setbacks.”

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle



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