Spending Time Wisely…


Good Morning and Happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week so that means time to get busy! As we begin this day and this week, I want to go back to the weekend I had and the title of this post. On Saturday/Sunday, I had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of my friends in various capacities. Given my family is in NY, the friends that I have made [mostly in Charlotte] have become a de facto family. So I have to make sure I spend time with them and make sure I spend it wisely.

On Saturday, my godson Collin [who is 9] had his final football of the season and it was also the championship game. Attending the game was his other godfather and good friend McCormick and Vince’s dad along with Vince and Monica. While I could careless about football [ I am a baseball man], I care about Collin and making sure I support his activities. On Sunday, I hosted a small dinner party for a few friends that we like to call “Sunday Simmer.” This intimate gathering allows us to get together over food, drinks and hearty conversation. We make sure we “spend our time wisely.” Given everyone is busy with other commitments, just taking time out to be around each other is important. It is a time where we can catch up, engage and hear what’s going on. It also is a time we can put eyes on each other so we can see how everyone is doing and make it more personal.

As in life, such is in business. We need to “spend our time wisely.” We need to make sure we spend time with our business ideas and those that are involved in our businesses. By doing so, we nurture, cultivate and create an atmosphere that is conducive for growing. The time we spend creates new ideas and develops an exchange that can be used for future development. Finally, by “spending time wisely”, we can put eyes on our business to see if it is doing what we need it to do. So make sure you “spend your time wisely” when it comes to family, friends and business. Time is the one commodity we can’t get back…

Have an awesome Monday!


Keith Cradle


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