Coming Home…

Good Morning and Welcome to the start of a brand new week! It’s a bit chilly outside and the days [via sunlight] are getting shorter but that doesn’t mean we get to do less work. LOL It simply means an adjustment period of clothing, increased coffee or hot chocolate intake and staying healthy with exercise and supplements.

One of the great things that does happen in the fall and months before Christmas are college/high school homecomings. It’s a time where universities roll out the red carpets [or whatever your school colors are and can be put on carpet] to welcome home former students and alumni. It is a chance to catch up, party, donate and relive some of those college days that have swiftly passed. Unless you did 6-7 years of undergrad. LOL

For my undergraduate experience, I went to Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. An HBCU that has grown over the years since I graduated and is now fortunate to have expert vision from the current President of the University, Dr. Ron Carter. Over the weekend, I  was able to see, hug and converse with tons of former classmates. JCSU is a family. And homecoming always feels like we are “coming home.” Home is where the heart is and Good Old JCSU has a piece of my heart.

JCSU is where I really began to grow up and take full advantage of my formative years. I arrived on campus as a skinny 17-year-old from White Plains, NY with skinny legs, no facial hair and big feet. I left JCSU a skinny kid, still without facial hair but with a college degree. I had learned how to socialize, network and build the work ethic I have to this day. JCSU and all the men/women I met became a de facto family that allowed me to make mistakes but also learn what it meant to be a young man that needed to be more to my community. Each time I step on campus, it is an affirmation that you can go home but you shouldn’t come back the same way you left. I must continue to grow, learn and progress positively so that I can contribute to the growth and positive progression of the institute that helped me.

So as we continue to develop our businesses, we must understand that they have come from ideas and places of creativity that are dwelling inside of us. Each time we discuss, talk about and showcase our dreams, we are “coming home” to the original ideas that helped shape our destiny. We must reconnect with our past experiences so that we know exactly where we have come from and how far we have journeyed. Our ideas shine a light on the growth and maturity that is on consistent display. Homecoming. Coming Home. It is our responsibility to come back, give back and lift up the next generation. We do that with our nonprofits and businesses each day!

Have an awesome Monday!


Keith Cradle


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