Good Morning All! Today is Wednesday and we are half way through another week, which is also the last week of October. So as this month is on its last legs, we need to be fully prepared to usher in the next month, which is November. Like most businesses, we are closing out the proverbial 4th quarter [which began in September]. The final quarter of the year is critical to many nonprofits and businesses. It’s not such a great time to begin any new services but to put a linchpin on existing services and do end of the year evaluations.

The 4th Quarter is when you need to dig deep and assess the “effort” you have been putting in for the entire year. It is during these last few months that we realize we have worked an entire year, probably feel a bit sluggish, holidays are rolling around and the weather isn’t all that conducive to fellowship. However, in business, we cannot afford to fall off now. We cannot succumb to weak or less than stellar “effort.” The 4th Quarter is where the game really begins and it is where championships are won or lost.

I sat in on a CMS Triage meeting this morning and the student involved was notorious for getting D’s and F’s. He claimed [like all students with bad grades] that the teacher had given him those grades. No ownership of how he got them or how he never went to school and when he did, he didn’t do the work. So in essence, he earned those grades. The grades he earned were an accurate reflection of his effort or lack there of. Without any “effort” to work harder or smarter, we will reap the seeds we sparingly sow. Better “effort?” Better results. Poor “effort”…poor results.

The same applies for our nonprofits and businesses. If we execute with a lackluster “effort” we should not be surprised at the lackluster results that surely will follow. So that means gearing up and preparing for the 4th Quarter so that our “effort” creates admirable results. Remind your staff that this is no time to slack off. Let your clients know that just because the holidays are coming doesn’t mean they won’t receive the same level of service. More “effort.” More return. We’ve played 3 solid quarters this year, so let’s finish strong!

Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle

(@mrcradle on Twitter and IG)



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