Team Work…

Half of one man's face is shown on the right side of the poster. The man has a beard and is wearing a military uniform. Across the top of the poster is the tagline "Live to tell the story" in uppercase white. On the top left side of the poster is the name "Mark Wahlberg" in uppercase white, laying above the film title "Lone Survivor". Underneath the film title, in uppercase white, is a second tagline: "Based on true acts of courage".

Good Morning All and I hope you are having a great start to your Tuesday. It’s the 21st of October and this month is just flying by. On my flight back to Charlotte from the UK yesterday, I had the chance to view a few different movies. Given the flight was 8 hours, there was plenty of time to catch up on some titles I hadn’t yet seen but have been out for a while. One of the movies I watched was “Lone Survivor.”

“Lone Survivor”, if you haven’t seen it, is a movie based on a book by the same name written by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and accounts the mission of a unit in Afghanistan sent to look for Taliban leaders. The movie does a great job of showcasing the battles and perils that our military face each time they take on a mission. In this particular case, Luttrell was the only SEAL to make it back alive from the mission. Prior to the mission and during the opening credits, there is footage of SEAL training and exercises they do just to pass and be accepted into this elite fighting squad. I ask, if you haven’t done any research on Navy SEALS, you should! It is remarkable what they put themselves through and overcome to join a unit.

One of the biggest things that came out of the movie for me was their consistent use of “team work.” No matter what they faced, they relied on each other as brothers, friends and a working team. It was the team that lead them to accomplished missions and it was that very same team they relied on until their deaths. Without team work, it would have been hard to accomplish the training or the subsequent missions. It was the team dynamic that pushed each of them to be better and want better for the next man. Team. Work. Working within a Team.

We also need “team work” on the job and in our businesses. Without good teams, it will be very hard to accomplish the goals we have set out for our company. Team work allows us to delegate projects to those that are better in a particular area than we are. Team work pushes us to be better leaders. Team. Work. Work. Team. So take a look around at the team you have. Can you make them better? Can they make you better? What are the goals we are trying to accomplish? How can the team work to get us there? No one wants to be by themselves. And there is no “I” in team.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle


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