The Weekend…


Good afternoon All! I hope you had a great Friday. I’m currently in London and having a great time. The sites, the history and the pubs! Had a chance to visit Buckingham Palace and saw what it meant to honor tradition and the days of old.

Not only do they march and “change the guard” but they do it like it has been done for decades. This gave me the idea for this post. We cannot forget our history nor can we not look too the future. While the pomp and circumstance was from the days of old and has not changed, the surroundings were all new!

Such are our nonprofit organizations. We must create traditional settings but we also have to make adjustments for the now. It’s ok to have policy and procedures but we also need to make sure they are up to date. Diversity, access and inclusion plans show us that we do not ignore the present or future. Organizational culture provides us with a schematic that addresses such topics.

So as you plan, create or change your agency make sure you honor the past but look to the future . By doing so, you are preparing for success and crafting the next steps of your strategic plan.

Have an awesome day!


Keith Cradle


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