The 3 Children of Assumption

Morning All! Please make sure you check out my good friend William Wilson’s latest blog! A lot you can learn and use. Have an awesome day.


Keith Cradle

The William Wilson Perspective

WilliamWilson-1186-2660233048-OI was given a piece of advice by a good friend of mine named Tom Fehlman. He said “Always try to prove your assumptions wrong.” This advice is PRICELESS. When you have an assumption, it’s easy to prove yourself right. But if you turn it around and try to prove yourself wrong, you’ll ask yourself a completely different set of questions, and subsequently, may even see things from a different perspective. Assumptions can be one of the most dangerous things a person can do regarding success, because it’s not the assumptions that get people in trouble. It’s acting upon them without verifying first. Assumption gives birth to 3 children that will destroy your business, or personal, life.

1. Assumption is the Mother of Mis-communication: When you assume you already know what someone thinks, or is going to say, you don’t fully listen to them. You have your response already…

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