Climb Higher…


Good Morning All and Happy Monday!

While it is raining and very foggy today here in Charlotte, NC, today is still a great day. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hiking up Crowders Mountain with 4 of my very good friends [Terence, Rahjah, Dylan and Greg]. This was the 5th year that we’ve gone up the mountain as a group to fellowship, exercise and have a great time. The time that it takes to hike up [depending on what trail you choose] is about 2 hours and it gives you all sorts of chances to talk and talk while you rest.

One of the great things that comes out of those yearly hikes is the conversation amongst each other that we get to engage in and the subsequent group prayer we have once we reach the top. This weekend was no different but the prayers were. In the past, I haven’t been as open as I was on Saturday. I have a natural tendency to be closed off about my dreams and desires. As I approach 40, I can realize that I can no longer be that way if I am working towards the goals I have for myself. My prayer that day was to be more open with my friends/family about my dreams and how they can support and encourage me. If they don’t know, they can’t help! I want to “climb higher” and will need all the help I can get.

A very good friend of mine is moving towards a huge career decision and it will take every bit of strength, tenacity and common sense she has in her being to pull it off. But she wants to climb higher” and in doing so, she has solicited the help of her friends. She was open about her desires and plans. So now that we know, we can assist her in that journey towards her summit. It’s a great feeling to know you are moving towards your dreams just as it’s a great feeling to know you have help.

Similar to our hiking experience…while we knew the summit was a few miles away, we knew that there was a trail, there was a plan, we had supplies and we had each other. The journey was only going to take us to the top but we had to keep moving. We rested at some portions but after the rest, we began again. Until we reached the top. As in life and as in business, you will have too want too “climb higher.” You will need to prepare, follow the path, take provision, and rest along the way. Take a few friends with you on the journey for support and encouragement, all the while enjoying the view to the top!

Have an awesome Monday!


Keith Cradle


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