Happy Sunday and thank you for taking time to read today’s post…especially when I know football is on. LOL

I just wanted to take a few seconds to talk about help. It’s a very important word and one that we use all the time. Problem is, many of us are afraid to ask for it. From experience, I know it’s tough to ask for assistance when you are used to doing things on your own.  It is a fault that many of us have and realistically, need to get better with.

As we continue to discuss nonprofit development, help and available resources will be an ongoing topic. Nonprofits cannot exist without the help of donors, volunteers and good staff.  The available resources that are out there will need to accessed through traditional and non-traditional means and that means asking for help when trying to procure them.  Executive Directors should be asking for help from other EDs as they develop on the job and need advice with how to run operations. The help is out there but we need to ask for it.

So take a look at the people and resources around you. Can you ask them for help? Are they willing to offer help? And are you open to receiving help? We all need it. But are we willing to ask for it?

Have an awesome rest of the day and I hope your team wins!


Keith Cradle


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