Good Morning and Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here and I pray you have had an awesome week thus far. For 10 people I know, today is a special day. It’s their birthday! LOL Yes, I know 10 people who are celebrating a birthday today and that’s crazy. Good. But crazy. LOL

Which brings me to today’s topic and blog post. Milestones. Milestones are markers in a journey or remembrance points for traditions. Birthdays are the perfect example of milestones because they mark the age that we are and show us how far we have come in our lives.We celebrate these milestones by throwing parties, taking trips or simply reflecting on how blessed we have been. I will do all three when I travel to NY this weekend to celebrate the 40 year milestone of my good friend Natasha! LOL

As with life, also with our nonprofit businesses. We need to celebrate the milestones. The markers that show us progress and growth with what we have been doing. If the doors have been open for one year. Celebrate. Got a new client? Celebrate. Finally hired new staff. Celebrate. The strategic plan is moving along and you can chart the progress. Celebrate. It is in tracking those progressions and celebrating them that we see we are doing a good thing. It gives us energy to keep going and it puts a positive light on work that is being done. You need and should feel good about what you are doing.

So as you go forth today, take a look around and see what milestones or markers you have reached. Acknowledge them. Share them. And celebrate them!


Keith Cradle


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