Good Afternoon and Happy Wednesday! As always, I greet you the hope that your day has been going well and you are working towards your goals.

Today’s topic is “belief.” The standard definition of the word is confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. Basically meaning that what you think will be there, shall be there. Pretty simple. But not always adhered too. “Belief” is tought to have when things are going bad. It’s tough to see the solutions when the questions are all you have. “Belief” is just that much easier when you have substantive proof or that concrete evidence.

The nonprofit¬†businesses we are building may not have all of the resources we’d like them too but we have to believe they will have them soon. The client list may not be a list at all. But you have to believe that one day it will be. Your strategic plan may be leading you in a direction that is hard to follow but you must have the belief that it will lead you to the fruitful destination you are seeking. Belief. It’s a tough word when things are spinning out of control. But in order to get through the tough times, you must believe.


Keith Cradle


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