It’s the Little Things…

Good Morning or Afternoon [depending on when you read this] and I hope you are having a great Tuesday thus far!

My day has begun like most of my days with meetings and reading emails. Today I had the opportunity to sit with my intern and talk about a meeting she would have the chance to sit in with me. The pre-meeting with her and I was a good chance to go over the proposal submitted by an agency that is looking to do mentoring with the youth we have at our facility. I allowed her to go over the paperwork and formulate questions which she would be able to ask during the meeting. As a seasoned manager and a person that has worked with nonprofit programs and development for a long time, I can look at a program proposal and break down its efficacy or worthiness in little under than 5 minutes. How? It’s the little the things I see or do not see…the details.

The details. They say the devil is in the them. I really don’t care who is in them but if you don’t pay attention to the details or the little things, you will find yourself in a heap of trouble or consistently doing things over and over again until you get it right. The program plan that was submitted to me had a lot of shiny baubles and promises for services that were not tailored to our facility. The writers of the plan did not do their homework or apply outside expertise to create a plan that would fit our scheme. They didn’t have the details. My questions, along with my interns questions, opened up new issues and protocol challenges that they were not privy too. The usage and ability to apply this program would be decided in the details, the little things…not the big shiny name or promises.

For your nonprofit work, it will come down to the little things. How well have you developed your program plan? Have you looked at every bit of your resource plan? What does the budget look like down to every penny? Can staffing handle off-peak hours? Who will benefit from the program as it continues to grow? if you don’t ask the questions or pursue the details, you will never know.

So take time to tend to the little things. They actually matter more than the big things. Take the devil’s place and get in the details yourself!


Keith Cradle


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