Daily Maintenance…

Good Morning and Welcome to the start of a new week!

Given it’s Monday, I am going to be brief and just tell a quick story that happened over the weekend and how it relates to the blog title. Daily maintenance. What does that have to do with you and your nonprofit? It has a lot to do with it on both accounts.

Over the weekend, a good friend of mine had a severe anxiety/panic attack. He is fairly young and in good shape. The attack left him bed ridden for the past few days with a doctor’s appointment this morning. As a friend, it’s tough to see and deal with. I spent time with him all weekend and just sat by the bed offering encouragement and prayers. The nature of anxiety and panic attacks can be traced to the body and it’s inability to cope properly with internal or external stressors. Of course there is medication that you can take or even homeopathic remedies, yoga/breathing techniques that soothe the body. But you have to do the daily maintenance on your body to help prevent such things. If you know you are prone to things such as this, you need to consistently check your body and how it feels. You need to take inventory of your environment and how it plays into your health. The daily maintenance must be done. And daily does mean, every day!

So, with your business…you have to subscribe to the same things. The life and health of your organization needs you to do “daily maintenance”. Look at the internal and external stressors that are affecting it. Take the communities temperature to see where it is and how you can be the most effective. Monitor your staff and see if they are growing or digressing. Evaluate grant contracts and other ideas to attract money/donations. Without “daily maintenance”, you run the risk of having a debilitating attack on your organization that could have possibly been prevented.

In time, my friend will be ok [I trust and believe that]. But your business may not. So take the time to do your “daily maintenance” to ensure a long business life.


Keith Cradle


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