Life Lessons…

You learn, as you go through the whole process, how to structure your life better,” he says. “You get a little smarter about what your priorities are, and what’s important. You get better at handling relationships and friendships, you know. If you try, you sorta get all your ducks in a row, and organize your life a little bit better.” Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Welcome to another Friday and the start to the weekend! Once again, we made it and we should cherish those moments and use this time to be reflective of what we accomplished this week and look forward to the next. The quote above is from Dale Earnhardt Jr, the NASCAR driver that is turning 40 next month. Junior, as he is known on the circuit knows a thing or two about growing up and growing with losses. In 2001, his father, Dale Sr. died on the track participating in the sport they both loved. But even in that tragedy, Junior motored on and is now one of the world’s most famous athletes [yes, in my book, NASCAR is a sport!].

In his words, Junior lets you know that you must be organized and find structure. I discussed a little bit of that yesterday when I wrote of Derek Jeter [who also turned 40 this year]. Successful people and businesses are organized and structured. As Dale Jr. points out, you find out what is important and prioritize. Again, the most successful athletes, entertainers and business people have those basic concepts down pat. So should you!

If we ever wish to attain the success we want with our nonprofit business, we must become organized, structured and diligent in outlining priorities. You cannot run or fund a business by the seat of your pants and with minimal input. You must put the time and effort in that it takes to come out on top. You must be organized and structured. And get smarter each day.

Have an awesome weekend.


Keith Cradle


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