Good Afternoon and I hope/pray you are having an awesome Saturday!

Given it’s the weekend and we are all doing our best to enjoy it, I won’t go too long on this post and have you reading all day [heck, I want to get back out there in the sun too!]. But I did want to give you a small piece of advice as it pertains to messaging and causes for our nonprofits. And that’s “framing.” I came across that word this morning as I was volunteering for Habitat for Humanity on a home building project. Not to mention those great buckets you see in the photo.

Framing a house is one of the most important steps after the foundation is poured and settled. The framing creates the structure and gives you the view of where everything will go and built on. Well, the same goes for our nonprofits. We have a foundation, which is our cause or reason for why we do what we do. But we also need to frame our message and issue so it’s clear and easily understood by those we wish to attract. So take a look at how you are promoting your cause. Is it framed for others to see? Can they see the future? Can they see themselves inside and helping? If not, it will be that much harder to build on the foundation.

Have a great Saturday and I appreciate you all for reading!


Keith Cradle (@mrcradle)


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