The Climate is Constantly Changing…

Good Afternoon All!

It’s a little later in the day from when I normally post but I was hit with my normal inspiration from a real world scenario just a few moments ago.  I was home watching ESPN and the press conference about Carolina Panthers player Greg Hardy was on. For those that don’t know, Hardy has been recently placed on the NFL’s new “exempt” list because of his conviction on domestic abuse charges over the summer. While domestic violence and physical abuse are pertinent and important issues, that’s not the focus of this post.

The phrase that kept coming up during the press conference was “the climate is constantly changing.” That’s the focal point I want to reference and talk about. From the GM to the head coach on down to the reporters on television, they all kept using that phrase. The climate is constantly is changing. In the world of nonprofits and business, that’s a phrase we all need to keep at the forefront of our decision-making. The climate is constantly changing.

The way we secure grants and donations. It’s changing. The way people access information about your agency. It’s changing. The way foundations dish out funds for community activities. Climate change. Tax and federal regulations for Board of Directors? Changing constantly. The fundamental point is we cannot get stuck in the old way of thinking and believe that our organization will be alright. The climate is constantly changing.

So as you prepare your strategic plans and develop organizational goals, understand that what was originally placed on paper may not happen or happen in the way you thought it would. You must be flexible. You must be adaptable. Sustainability and survival of the nonprofit is hinged on changed and being fluid in those changes. The climate is constantly changing…


Keith Cradle



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