Annual Reviews…

Good Morning and since it’s Monday, I hope your week gets off to a fast and productive start. Today’s topic is taken from the title, which is the subject of annual reviews. Now, we are all or should be familiar with an on the record review process that is traditionally done for 6 months or a year on a gig. The reason for this is not only to give you a raise but primarily to discuss positives and negatives of on the job performance for an employee.

This “Annual Review” allows someone to revisit and rehash the year you had on the job, give feedback or critiques and to let you know that you are valuable to the organization. A lot of times, the review is done and there isn’t much criticism or honest feedback the employee can take back with them to fix. Which isn’t actually a good thing. How else is the employee to know what they should or can fix? Well, that same advice stands for the nonprofit you are attempting to build or currently working on.

Every month or so, we should take inventory of how the nonprofit is doing. A review of sorts. With honest and direct feedback. How else are you to know if the business is doing well? What needs to be fixed? What are the next steps in the strategic plan?

An annual review can do wonders when it’s transparent and addresses real issues. So don’t fear the review. Embrace the information that is coming your way so that you can make your nonprofit better!

Have an awesome Monday!


Keith Cradle


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