Check Your Sources…

Good Morning to you all. I want to first extend my thoughts and prayers to the Nation as we commemorate the September 11, 2001 tragedy that struck our country to its core. We may we continue to grow, remain vigilant and stay strong as a country.

I can vividly remember where I was that day and who I was with. I was in Charlotte, NC in a meeting with my good friend, who has since passed away, Sean Brooks. We were discussing the daily agenda for the YMCA programs we managed and where we were going to go for lunch later on. As the reports began to spill out about a plane hitting the first tower, I thought about who was delivering the news and was it credible. I studied journalism and received a BA in Communication Arts from Johnson C. Smith University so my ability to decipher and read news is always on alert.

Well, as we all know, the reports were all too real and America was being attacked that day. We have since rebuilt Ground Zero and killed Osama Bin Laden. America has put in newer airline safety protocols and we all now live in the Post 9/11 phase of our lives. But one thing remains constant, the news and the gathering/distributing of information. And with that information comes who and where we get it from. Our sources.

When starting a nonprofit or business, you may be tempted to access any and everything to gather information on how to build the perfect empire. You may get advice from friends and family or you may even decide to hire a consultant. Whatever you choose always remember to consider and check the sources. The right information from the right people can lead you down a path of success. The wrong information from the wrong people can have you paying back taxes and in jail for fraud. Think about it.

So take your time with gathering and accessing information. Validate what is being said. Check your sources. The business you are starting should be near and dear to your heart. So you want to protect that investment as much as possible. Checking your sources is a great start.

Have a safe and productive day.


Keith Cradle


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