Biking and Boating…

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I had an awesome weekend participating in various outdoor activities that helped stimulate some of this mornings musings.  Not only did I go kayaking for the first time but I also had the chance to use Charlotte’s B Cycle program which is a bicycle ride sharing program that other cities across the US use as well. When you get a chance, take a look at their website which will be left at the end of this post.

Well, with those activities came lots of great exercise and with kayaking, some level of unease given you are out in the water with just a paddle and lifejacket. LOL But what is adventure without a bit of risk? Which brings me to the point of todays post. Risk. Reward.

When we set out to develop and start a business or a nonprofit, we have to assume there will be some risk if we want to reap the rewards of work well done. The problem is, most of us don’t want to risk a lot. We are somewhat risk averse. We dip our toe in but don’t fully immerse ourselves into the water. Let me make it plain. We want to start a nonprofit agency but don’t want to invest the dollars or time to make it successful.

Any fledging business needs an enormous amount of risk on all fronts in order to be successful. If the owners aren’t fully vested in the vision, how can they expect anyone esle to be? Sort of like my kayaking adventure. I convinced others to go with me but how could I not go in first but expect them to join me? I had to show them I was totally committed to the adventure before they could even consider it. The same goes for your business. Show. Don’t tell.

So as you get this week started, take time to reflect on your level of risk. Does it outweigh or weigh down the reward? Are you totally committed? Are you willing to paddle way out into the lake without the chance others will follow you? How much are you telling and selling without actually producing results? Risk. Reward. Think about it.

Have a great Monday!


Keith Cradle

PS. Here is the link for CLT B-Cycle


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