Stay Connected!

In today’s world of gadgets, devices and virtual offices, the concept of staying connected should be evident and pretty easy. We are constantly monitoring, checking in or double tapping something to make our presence known. So how should that concept translate to nonprofits and their mission to draw donors, volunteers or members? By staying connected.

In a recent post, I threw out three words that can help all nonprofits become or stay successful. They were relationships, connectivity and identification. I have already written briefly about the first and will now touch slightly on the second. CONNECTIVITY. The definition of connectivity is the state or quality of being connected. Pretty straight forward.

Well, in the pursuit of donors and consistent contributers to a nonprofit that word and its definition need to be applied on a daily basis. People need to know why they are being asked to contribute. That reason being the cause, mission or vision of the organization. If people don’t feel a need or have a reason to join your efforts, it’s nothing personal. It’s just they don’t have any connection to the issue at large. Often times, we make our connections through personal experiences. We donate or dump a bucket of ice over our heads because we know someone with a debilitating disease. We wear a pink ribbon because we know someone or have been someone that has had breast cancer. Connectivity. It is the tie that binds us to the cause. Our reason for giving. Our reason for never forgetting.

So as you develop plans and marketing tools for your nonprofit, make sure you address the connectivity aspect. What can you can do to create relationship for your cause? How can you nurture kinship that translates into a reason to give? Connectivity. Let it sink in. Let it be apart of the conversation. Connectivity. Let’s stay connected!


Keith Cradle


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