It’s amazing that inspiration can come from anywhere. We are all wired different but at times our best ideas or platforms usually come at strange and indifferent times. For example, I went running this morning [Laboring on Labor Day is what I originally wanted to call this post…] and the acronym, while not new, came to me. I felt that it wasn’t just for running or getting through but also a great post for the blog.

Now, I have heard P.U.S.H. to mean Pray Until Something Happens but in that moment of running clarity @ 8am, it occurred to me that for our nonprofits, P.U.S.H. can actually stand for Pushing Until Something Happens! Pretty rudimentary and simple but let me explain. Pull up a chair or bring your tablet/phone closer, this won’t take long!

Many times in the planning phases of starting a nonprofit, we often believe that because we have a great idea, people will simply flock to it, donate $100M and we will be well on our way to making our community that much better. Often times, that’s not what happens. We create the website, develop a service model, present a good cause for change, hire a few people and then open the doors…but nothing substantial happens. Days, weeks, even months can go by without a significant service contract or reliable clientele. What do you do then?

Well, that’s when you need to P.U.S.H! As the Executive Director or Development Director, it will be your ambition and passion that keeps the momentum going. Setbacks happen. Business ebbs and flows. But you have to keep PUSHING! If you firmly believe in your mission/vision/values, then there is no time to get down. You have to get out there and create new ways to steer business, contracts or grants to you! The drive you exhibit will get noticed in it’s own time and the business will come.

So which brings me back to my run this morning. At times, I wanted to quit well before the 4 mile mark. But something inside said to keep PUSHING until I got to the destination. It wasn’t easy [I have a few months before I turn 40 so I am not as young as I used to be. LOL] but I knew where I wanted to go and where the finish line was. So I PUSHED! And the end result was a great feeling of accomplishment. I didn’t quit because I believed in my mission to run that 4 miles.

So as in life, it is in business…you can’t quit now. Keep PUSHING! You know where you want to go and you can visualize the destination. Muster up the courage and the internal fortitude to see your nonprofit idea all the way through. PUSH through! PUSH on! PUSH past!  We will all be along the route cheering you on and at the finish line to congratulate you on a job well done. PUSH!

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day!


Keith Cradle



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