Sunday Service…

Relationships. Connectivity. Identification. All three are great vocabulary words to use when developing and creating your nonprofit. I won’t get into all three today but I do want to touch on the first one. Relationships. No matter what concept or conversation you are having, ultimately it will encompass relationships. Relationships are the veins or conductors in the path to success for business whether profit or not for profit.

I went to church this morning and the sermon was about having a personal relationship with God. Upon leaving church, it hit me that our nonprofits live and breath with our relationships.  If we don’t develop relationships early on it will be hard to sell our ideas to donors or investors. It is the relationship we have with our nonprofit that decides how much time we put into it. It is the relationships we have with our community that allow them to invest and connect to our cause. So how important are relationships? Very!

If you are just starting your nonprofit, make sure you develop the types of relationships that can help your nonprofit get off the ground and grow. If  you are in the throws of business already, continue to nurture and provide sustenance for the relationships you already have and continue to look so you can build more.  Without personal relationships and connectivity, it is going to be very hard for donors, the community or even friends to relate to the long term plan of the nonprofit.

So as my pastor would say,” I am going to close with this…” Develop key, vital and long lasting relationships! It is the essence of creation towards a sustainable future with your business. But without them you will be alone and left to fend for yourself.


Keith Cradle



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