It’s Always a Good Time!

Well, the weekend is upon us and for most people that means getting off at 5pm and tossing their work cares to the wind. For others, it means the continuation on the path to develping and nurturing the nonprofit idea or agency they wish to develop. The process of writing, developing and programming never stops. Nonprofits need to be fed consistently and continually in order to survive. So that means, it’s always a good time to invest!

Many nonprofits operate in the community building environment or human service provision arena. Which means that they need to operate year round or provide services to clients who need them for long stretches of time. The investment made in the operations allows for this consistent service and can make sure services are uninterrupted. So that means it’s always a good time to invest!

It also always a good time to assess internal and external development strategies. The organization cannot grow if there is no plan for growth. As the Executive Director, Operations Manager or Development Director, you have to have a vision that expands and enlarges your scope. So it’s always a good time to develop.

So if you are an owner or looking to start a nonprofit, don’t just kickback over the weekend and do nothing. Take some time to write, develop and invest. It’s always a good time!



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