Ready. Set. Write!

When starting a nonprofit, many people have the grand idea that all you need is an idea. Well, the idea portion is just the start. You will need a lot more than a great idea and perhaps an idea that is already being done. You will need resources in the form of financial and human. How do you get those things? Well you must WRITE!

What is it that you are writing? Grants. Proposals. Strategic Plans. Business Plans. Development Plans. PR Materials. Donor Relations Materials. Need I go on? LOL The minute details of written materials that guide and attract those to your nonprofit will be very important. So don’t leave them for last. With out the procurement of financial resources, it will be very hard to keep your doors open. Without human resource capital, it will be even more difficult to provide the services you want to provide. Hell, without a business plan, you won’t even know what direction you are going in!

So before anything else, please WRITE! Give friends and family an insight into what your nonprofit plans to do and how you plan to get there. Give them clear instructions on where to donate and what those donations will go too. Map out how the programs will help the community you serve and create pre/post tests so you can adequately measure those programs so you can deliver results to grant funding agencies.

The non-sexy side of developing a nonprofit is the development. But it is the most important. So get to it. WRITE!


Keith Cradle


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